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horse rider owner points  shows 
Timothy Taz Lynne Purdie Same   26.00   1
Missancattin Katie Leung Same   19.50   1
Lhr Lectric X Two Mandy Strohkirch Jack Marvel   19.00   1
Smart Juicy Chex Shelly Price Same   18.50   1
Scamps Bonita Lena Lynne Bowen Same   16.00   1
Fancy That With Me Dean Mougenot Greg Wilde   16.00   1
Ms Smart Freckles Nancy Poole Troy Donaldson   10.00   1
Smart Tari What Maurice Price Same   10.00   1
Smart N Prime Ayden Bourgeois Rheal Bourgeois   8.00   1
Ruff Night In Dixie Barbara Mccaughey Same   6.00   1
Mh Dynos Rosalina Bethanie Vlaanderen Betty Lafontaine   5.00   1
Lectric N Chic Chet Martin John Purdie   4.00   1
Cr Peppy Anne Lorimer Same   3.50   1
Pb Shesa Nine Jana Wisniewski Same   3.00   1
Results from the following shows are used to accumulate the standings.
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